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 Wages Included In Premium Calculation For ARTISAN Contractors

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$31,900- FLAT Annual Payroll (effective 12.01.84).

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$31,900- FLAT Annual Payroll (effective 12.01.84).

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  Loss History Information:

Our Insurance Company Underwriters May Require Prior Carrier Generated Loss History Reports For Last 5 Years Prior To Binding Coverage.


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Commercial General Liability Section

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General Liability Insurance Coverage

Insurance Service Office (ISO) SAMPLE Policy Forms

Note: These Are Sample Policy Forms That Represent Insurance Industry Standardized Commercial Lines Policies.

Coverage proposals presented to you by our Agency may differ; as each insurer represented may offer modified coverage by endorsement or have filed it's own unique policy forms with the Texas Department Of Insurance. Please carefully read any carrier prepared proposal presented to you and where necessary request a copy of each insurance company policy form presented; so that you may compare any differences in coverage offered.


Commercial Comprehensive General Liability - ISO - Occurrence Policy Form # CG 00 01 12 07
 Commercial Comprehensive General Liability - ISO - Claims Made Policy Form # CG DS 10 10 01


Every business also faces exposure to liability losses. A business may become legally liable (i.e., responsible for payment) for bodily injury suffered by another person or persons, or for damage to or destruction of the property of others. This liability may be the result of 

          !         A court decision (as in a lawsuit charging negligence).

          !         Violation of contract provisions (a contract that makes one party responsible for certain kinds of losses).

 Public Liability 

A business may be held liable for injuries or other losses suffered by a member of the general public as the result of the firm's (or its employees') negligence or fault. Examples include

          !         A customer in a firm's building trips on a broken step.

          !         A defective product causes injury to its user.

          !         Improper installation of a product causes injury to a customer.

          !         A tenant is held responsible for a third-party injury occurring on the rented property, due to a clause he or she signed agreeing to such responsibility. 

Your daily paper will provide dozens of other examples. A firm that is found legally liable for harming a third party must pay damages to compensate the injured party. Sometimes the court also imposes punitive damages and, in cases involving violation of statutes designed to protect the community, the court may levy fines in order to discourage future violations.

Regardless of who wins or loses a law suit, litigation is time consuming and expensive. No matter how ridiculous or unfounded the suit may be, productive business hours are lost, lawyers must be retained and paid and other related costs must be met while the suit is being contested. 

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